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I am leaving this website up to document work that I have done up until 2014. After exiting the art world for several years to pursue business interests, I decided to return to my practice and take on issues of art distribution

Please check out INFINITE INDUSTRIES for my latest ideas and software prototypes.

Nov 8-9, 2013Commonwealth 5 at DEFIBRILLATOR, Chicago, IL

Oct 29, 2013Released Facebook Self-Portrait

Jun 30, 2013Released Intersections No.2 thorough s[edition]

Jun 5, 2013NEOBAROK Performance Festival, "Traveler's Prayer", Varazdin, Croatia

May 17, 2013Recieved Emergency Grant from the Foundation for Contemporary Arts for production of "Traveler's Prayer" in Varazdin, Croatia

Jan 15, 2013Walsh Gallery, "Unitled", Seaton Hall University, South Orange, NJ

Oct 28, 2012The Imaginarium Gallery, "Channels" (two-person show with Tiffany Carbonneau), Lodz, Poland

Sept 9, 2012Ported "36 Views" to web-based format

May 6, 2012Land of Tomorrow, "Communitarian Impulses", Louisville, KY

March 9, 2012Radiator Gallery, performance at "Together Again", New York (curated by Natalia Mount)

Feb 25, 2012Carter&Citizen, "The Way We Tell The Stories That Tell The Way", Los Angeles